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angelica best. [entries|friends|calendar]
just call me LaFAWNduh

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[22 Dec 2005|08:06pm]
[ mood | creative ]

it will make you cool!

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[12 Nov 2005|12:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i've decided to return to livejournal land.

a week till i come home. cant wait.

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[12 Aug 2005|08:03am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

" she looks more like little miss perth amboy on crack...literally."- THE BESTEST PERSON EVER!!!!!!!!

rochester till forever and never coming back!!!!!


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[11 Aug 2005|09:27pm]

got a shit load of grants and loans in the mail these past couple of days
so it looks like i will be going back to uha after all.

woot woot!

which makes time go by so much faster = (

so excited to see my love kathryn.

oh and i love tim.

alright. thats it.

[30 Jul 2005|11:33pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

life is so awesome.

and fun.

me: if we're going to live in amsterdam you have to be possitive that you can take care of me. you cant leave me on the streets.
tim: no its okay, see they have these dirt roads...

we're idiots.
i love it.

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[22 Jul 2005|09:38pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i think its hilarious when people go totally out of their way to make you jealous.
it not only makes them look foolish but its pretty sad when thats all they can think about.
oh well. its actually kind of cute. reminds me of 8th grade or should i say 12th.

today wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.
but i'm definitely glad its over.
earlier we had some beach party down by the waterfront.
it was fine at first but it started getting hot and the kids were getting crazy.
volleyball, tennis and cracking bulimic jokes were fun times.
came home around 1 cause i was tired and i had work at 3:30

work at fridays was quick. still tiring.
i have a feeling that tomorrows gonna be worse.
i just want saturday to be over so sunday would come.

i cant wait till tim comes home. i miss him soooooo much.
i thought these couple of weeks without him would be miserable.
well they were but not as bad as i thought it would be.
i had dinner with his mom again yesterday.
we made quilts. she taught me how to stitch bumblebees and butterflies.
fun times. she also made me this really cute quilted purse. i adore it.

my birthday was awesome. i got a record player and a plane ticket to buffalo, ny
to see my love, kat. its gonna be crazy, i cant wait.
laura got me new reggie on vinyl. mmmmm i love her.
tim called me from amsterdam. that made me happy.
adventures with steve are always enjoyable.
and the strawberry shortcake was exquisite.

*sigh* just one more friggin day....

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[20 Jul 2005|05:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i hate the internet.

today is my birthday.

i rule.

tonight will consist of:

rocking out to my new record player,
adventures with awesome people
and strawberry shortcake.


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[18 Jul 2005|11:43pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

you know sometimes i wonder why certain people cant grow up.all they do is bitch and bitch and bitch about how nothings good for them.and how things never work out. well guess what, thats life. if everyone got everything they ever wanted we wouldnt have any desire and life would be dull. i dont know. maybe i'm just being bitchy but i just wish people would appreciate what they have right in front of them, instead of wasting away their lives waiting for everything to just fall in place.

i dont know. thats been on my mind all day and i felt like writing it down.

i guess thats what this thing is for. wow.

anyway, these past days without tim have been going better than i thought it would.
i haven't spoken to him in a few days which is making me pretty nervous. but i think hes just waiting till my birthday. = )
a lot of his friends called me to hang out. it was sweet.
i went over his house for dinner with his mom just to see how things were going.
i've been spending most of my time with steve, jess and andrew. i love being with people that dont complain 99% of the time. it makes your time with them more enjoyable.
other than that, i've been getting over this crazy illness that i'm suffering from and thinking about tim.
i really glad i got sent home today. i really wasn't feeling well.
and the weather isn't helping at all.

i really can't wait to go back to school. i miss everyone so much.
especially marissa. i plan on seeing matty sometime this week.
i doubt it with all the shit i have to do but i wanna try.

alright my throats acting up again. motherfuck.

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[02 Jul 2005|08:49am]
as stressful as life may be,

he always finds a way to make it better.

i'm happy.
and there's nothing you can do to change that.

so quit while you're ahead.
i'm far from jealous sweethearts.

just shit it all out... [16 Jun 2005|09:24pm]
[ mood | productive ]

fuck june 21, summer is here.

playing frizbee in the middle of the soccer field at county park
in the middle of a summer storm, couldnt be any more surreal.

these are the moments that i try to remember forever.

i am,
completely exhausted.

working hardcore tomorrow.
i need to make more money.
now that i found out for sure that im going back to uhart today.
i need to make a shit load of money. as disgusting as that sounds,
beleive it or not, i love having money.
i am young, i am greedy, im an american.

friday and sartuday afternoon, i have goals to fufill.
me and tim are taking some time off for a couple of days.
he wants to spend more time with eric. i wanna work.
the parentals are going to vermont for 8 days soon.
so i plan on becoming a south amboy resident within that time.
i dont really know how thats gonna work out since i want to work more.
but i'll figure something out.

so my goal is: working 10 hours tomorrow and 7 saturday.

piece a cake.

so i can cover ur shift tomorrow caitlin. =)

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[16 Jun 2005|02:01pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


work has never been this much fun.
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[07 Jun 2005|07:37am]
didnt go to work yesterday
and i dont feel bad cause i hate jay.
but i felt bad for not saving rob.

i received a lovely letter from my wife the otherday
it was beautiful. i cant wait to write her back.

so connie talked to me about being transferred
to the hollister in freehold for a couple of days because
they needed help with their new stock room.
i wasn't sure if i wanted to do it or not
so i made a list of pros and cons.
definitely had more pros.
- i'm in charge of the whole entire backstock room
which means that i am in charge of the music.
- pwn'ing is not and option. IT WILL BE DONE.
- i get time and a half
- i have the power to kick people out if i dont want them there.

i'm going to freehold.

work till forever today
for skipping yesterday.

[01 Jun 2005|06:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i wish people would stop hating and get a life.


laura, why did you have to go off and be responsible this summer????
i hope we still get to have adventures, nummies, and siblings. +DDR.

upcoming sex in caitlyn's basement intrigues me.


comedy show in new bruswick with timothy and danielle.
tim brewerururey or some shit.
should be exciting.


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[01 Jun 2005|08:41am]
[ mood | excited ]

the yak, black, and rob working together at hoco.

i dont think life get's much better than this.

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[12 May 2005|09:38pm]
GPA for the year: 3.54

again, i rule.
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[07 May 2005|08:18pm]
10 trillion dollar question:

What do you do when you know something's bad for you
and you still can't let go?

[07 May 2005|10:52am]
[ mood | FAT! ]

today i weighed myself.

today, i am 140 lbs.

today, i will start my diet.

toady, i start anew.

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[30 Mar 2005|03:44pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

just seeing him walk by would make me the happiest girl ever.

dont think you even know.

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[21 Mar 2005|10:50am]
[ mood | high ]


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[17 Mar 2005|07:53pm]


im such a douchebag.

happy st. patricks day!

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